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Lobird in the press Lobird in the press Lobird in the press Lobird in the press Lobird in the press
Lobird in the press Lobird in the press Lobird in the press Lobird in the press Lobird in the press
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mothersday Tradhomegift guide
Lobird place cards featured in TRADITIONAL HOME MAGAZINE 2014 Editor’s picks
mothersday Tradhomegift guide
Lobird gift tags featured in TRADITIONAL HOME MAGAZINE’S 2013 mother’s day gift guide
mothersday Tradhomegift guide
Living (
inside scoop
STYLEBEAT by Marissa Marcantinio, January 9, 2012
inside scoop
FortyOneMadison (The New York Merchandise Mart)
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inside scoop
New York Metro Parents
Manhattan Living Magazine:
Promenade magazine's NY Luxury, September 2010:
People Magazine’s Celebrity Baby blog, Summer 2008:

25 Favorite Holiday Photo Cards
Posted by Michelle Horton
Lobird's Wiseman on Camel, one of our favorites for 201.

We are featured on the Things You'll Love section of the Long Island Parent magazine:
long island parent
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Bio Mindy Lockard is a mom, wife, nationally reconized etiquette guru, & amp; editor of magazine. This is gracious living one tweet at a time.
Sunset Magazine twittered us 8:25a.m. Apr 21, 2009 they tweeted,
"Here is some stationery we love:"

Boutique Boastings
East Coast Girl Goes West
”Yesterday afternoon I excitedly hurried over to The Presidio and wound my way to the Golden Gate Club for the Edgewood Fair... There were dozens of vendors there with everything from stationary and chocolates to jewelry and gorgeous clothing! Some of my favorite designers turned up, and I was also introduce to some new ones! I picked up some amazing stationary at Lobird as a gift, but was VERY tempted to buy some for moi as well! Perhaps as a treat when I accomplish one of my goals for the year....I LOVED (their festive elephant designs); So colorful and so chic!” – Eileen Angelo


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California Home Design
Stationery Designs as Home Decor
By Kira Coplin
Palo Alto-based Lobird Illustrated Stationery specializes in personalized notes, invitation suites and personalized gift tags and enclosures. Each of their products begins with an original piece of artwork.

The watercolor paintings by Lobird become the designs in their collection of charming stationery. Never using computer generated graphic art, the illustrated pieces printed on premium heavy stock paper maintain an elegance and warmth that has made them a fan favorite.

Among their adoring clientele is none other than home retail giant Pottery Barn who tapped the small paper goods company for the design of their current Spring 2012 line of pillows, hand towels and decorative plates. Reproduced on key homeward items for spring are a collection of birdcage watercolor paintings by Lobird's Founder and artist, Laurie Rohrbach, licensed exclusively for Pottery Barn.

Frugal Finds
Garden Party
By Colette
I love discovering new sites that I can share with Frugal Find readers! My latest discovery is Lobird®, a site that features beautifully illustrated stationary, gift tags, calling cards, and much more. There is so much from this amazing site to share that I'm sure there will be many parts to my Lobird feature.

Today, I am focusing on the topiary prints. Topiaries are such classic and beautiful garden pieces, and living in an apartment NYC, I certainly do not have a garden let alone any topiaries. However, I can live vicariously through these prints and pretend that I have a beautiful green space to call my own!
Starfish & Sundress
I'm sort of a stationery hoarder. I have a drawer stocked full of pretty paper and admittedly do not send nearly enough notes. Thanks to East Coast Girl Goes West, I've discovered a new brand to covet, Lobird. Each design starts out as a watercolor which gives them their completely charming look. I suppose this is where I run into my hoarding problem, they're too pretty to send away!
summer is a verb logo
Summer is a Verb
I stumbled across Lobird's collection swanky gift tags in the December issue of Traditional Home and had a très hard time narrowing my choice down to just one design. Sooo what's a girl to do? Start spending other peoples money, natch...
pursuitofstyle I’ve discovered a new brand to covet, Lobird. Each design starts out as a watercolor which gives them their completely charming look. I suppose this is where I run into my hoarding problem, they’re too pretty to send away! I really do need to start unloading my stash otherwise you might catch me on T.V crying while they’re dragging away garbage bags full of my precious card stock. Can you imagine?
Swag Brags
“Jill Asher should be crowned the queen of swag bags. They are consistently filled with high-quality things I’ll actually use and love (Highlights from this time around: some absolutely gorgeous personalized stationery from Lobird…”
“ANYWAY - another of the totally beautiful things I got was personalized stationary from Whimsical, beautiful, and on truly heavy, matte card stock, these sophisticated little cards are worth a click.”
“Well, I arrived at the San Francisco airport and found a nice fancy car waiting to take me to the hotel. The hotel was so cool--it was old by California standards, and warm and cozy. Greeting me in my room was a ridiculous amount of (okay, if you are a little annoyed at my good fortune, stop reading RIGHT NOW) swag, including… gorgeous cards and paper printed with my name on it by Lobird,”–Cecilyk
I found some adorable Lobird stationery at Emily Joubert in Woodside. And to my great pleasure the company is based in Palo Alto. I ordered all my shower hostess gifts for my wedding and all the women loved the personalized stationery. Laurie, the owner, was great to work with and let me customize every order. She is friendly, enthusiastic and meticulous. Her work is gorgeous. She hand draws all the images herself so it really is a personal piece of art.
I am now working with her on our Christmas cards and can't wait to see the final product. If you want a unique, high-end, custom invitations or stationery, Lobird is the place to go! And Laurie's prices are very fair considering the custom approach she gives to each of her customers.

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